Sort-of recent fliers and show photos

Here are some of the more “recent” fliers I’ve made. Here in Boston, I have no where to book shows and, thus, no fliers to make. Sigh.

Posi Noise / Crucial Cause / Dyl Bros / Dead Unx / Attentat @ The FDZ, 8/18/09

Panzram / Relics / Yak Snot / Afflictions @ Whitney, 7/26/09

Coke Bust / Sick Fix, July 4th @ Whitney House

Here are some photo sets of shows dating back to this summer. Recently, Nick Tape asked if Coke Bust could use one of these photos in their discography CD packaging, which is pretty sweet. Enjoy:

+ Negative Standards/Draize/Escalator @ The FDZ, 10/18/09

+ Marine Corpse/Birth of Flower/Dead Uncles @ The FDZ, 7/13/09

+ Coke Bust/Sick Fix/Clusterfuck/Foreign Objects/Atrilliongallonsofgas @ Whitney House, 7/4/09

+ Cult Ritual/The Diamond Sea/Open Star Clusters @ Whitney House, 7/2/09

+ Lemuria/Dead Uncles/The Book Slave @ The FDZ, 6/6/09

For all of you documentation geeks out there:

+ Punk/HC shirts as of September 2008 (I finally organized these photos)


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