Escalator – “Performance Anxiety”

Finally, an update about this fucking wonderful tape. Its out. Its great and, as always, I am humbled by the talent of my friends and the ease with which they (somehow) trust me to bring their musical endeavors into the light of day. Or, the dank depths of a basement, as is the case with Escalator.

This cassette features a hand-assembled zine-style insert and custom imprints, all limited to 200 copies. You can stream the whole deal here and order the tape for $4 PPD via Paypal (weriserex at or USPS (1 Fairland St #3, Boston, MA 02119). Distros and labels, I am forever down to trade.

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  1. hey hey hey!
    holy shit is this Escalator stuff awesome! I want a tape!
    how are things!?!?!??!!?
    michigan is awesome!!!!
    put in your linxxx
    love, sock