Look: its my 7th release.  Number 6 is a tape that is thought would come out first, but will actually be out a in a few days.  Whoops – thats a thing that could happen when you actually release music on your shitty label, right?  NOW I KNOW.

At any rate, here is the LIMBS BAND demo.  A more musically fleshed-out take on Josh’s Western MA LIMBS BIN noise project, this tape offers up 4 original tracks of raw, proto-powerviolence, plus one Black Flag cover for good measure.  Limited to 75 copies, you can snag yours here (along with a bunch of other great stuff in the webstore!).

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Curmudgeon – Human Ouroboros CS EP

Welp, nothing like finally mentioning the existence of a tape on my label after its sold out. At least its my own band, so I don’t feel too badly about it. 118 copies later (100 regular copies, 18 tour variants), and the Curmudgeon “Human Ouroboros” tape EP is out of print. Look for a vinyl reissue in the near future!

We are also recording next week (gulp) for a 7″ to be released by the great Wills behind To Live a Lie and Bullshit Propaganda.

You can listen to and/or download the tape right here:

also, here is a video of us playing at ABC No Rio in June, featuring particularly great sound quality:

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Veld CS, Part II

SOLD OUT. sorry if you slept on this….

do you like black metal and noise? do you get sick pleasure out of the fact that some random dude slaved over this piece of plastic – perfectly screen printing, copying, cutting, collating into the wee hours of this Winter’s fucked up, frosty dawn? do you wanna paypal $5 to to get in on the ground floor of Veld? Obviously, the answer is yes.

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Why can’t the 10th anniversary be the “Vinyl Anniversary” as opposed to tin, aluminum, or diamond? That would really help to justify some of the recent purchases I’ve made at the newly-opened Armageddon Shop in Harvard Square.

I was going to write about my 10 year punkiversary, because I think shit like that is fun, but it wouldn’t be accurate and the last thing I want to do is deceive the internet. I am one of those freaks who was sung “The KKK Took My Baby Away” as a lullabye and taught how to gingerly place a record player’s needle atop a Dead Kennedy’s 7″ at age 10. I didn’t know what any of it meant or why it might be important, but Dad made punk a part of my life from the get-go.

Fast forward to “borrowing” Rancid cassettes, buying my first records (Weird Al’s “I Love Rocky Road” followed by Weird Al’s “Dare To Be Stupid” – don’t judge me), I still had no context. Finally, at age 15/16, I started to grasp the concept of DIY. Punk music went beyond what was in my Dad’s record cabinet and it existed in my fucking high school, in my neighborhood’s garages? This blew my fucking mind wide open.

I will never forget my first DIY show (a Food Not Bombs benefit featuring, like, 8 local bands thrashing around in my hometown’s American Legion) or my first acquisition of non-major-label albums. These records have pretty much stuck with me since I bought them at the now-defunct Phoenix Records of Waterbury, Connecticut.

Paying homage to the past is one of my favorite aspects of punk, so lets get to it:

Fast Times - Counting Down
HOLY SHIT, a female vocalist and this shit came on colored vinyl. I couldn’t believe it. Some of these songs are slightly more cringeworthy than 10 years ago (“Driving while infatuated with YOU!”), but generally they retain a firm grip on my heartstrings. Seeing Fast Times in action at the NJ reunion show a handful of years ago was completely epic.

Assuck - Blindspot
People make music like this? This is music? These are vocals? “I think I like this but mostly it sounds almost scary and dangerous, which is exciting as fuck” is probably what my teenage mind thought about Assuck. It was also nearly incomprehensible (and awesome) to me that I was buying a record by a band whose name I had never even heard pronounced.

Blatz/Filth - The Shit Split
I always liked the Blatz side better. As in, I fucking love it and could care less about Filth. There goes all of my cred, I’m certain. I don’t really know what to say about this band that sums up how I feel. That doesn’t happen too often, which might be the most noteworthy thing of all.

Charles Bronson - Discocrappy
I actually taped this CD from someone (my high school pal Tim, maybe) and was totally decimated by the speed, fury and how few fucks were in fact given by this band. I definitely couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Charles Bronson speed through 96 songs in an hour (maybe I still can’t…). On an embarrassing note, I found live photos of Charles Bronson (thanks askjeeves) to print out and hang on my bedroom wall, easily replacing my Korn clippings from Hit Parader. Oof.

❤ Krystina

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Escalator – “Performance Anxiety”

Finally, an update about this fucking wonderful tape. Its out. Its great and, as always, I am humbled by the talent of my friends and the ease with which they (somehow) trust me to bring their musical endeavors into the light of day. Or, the dank depths of a basement, as is the case with Escalator.

This cassette features a hand-assembled zine-style insert and custom imprints, all limited to 200 copies. You can stream the whole deal here and order the tape for $4 PPD via Paypal (weriserex at or USPS (1 Fairland St #3, Boston, MA 02119). Distros and labels, I am forever down to trade.

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A Year of Boston, a month late.

(I wrote this and forgot to publish it. ooops!)

Come next week, I’ll have lived in Boston for a year. I feel like a year is a fair amount of time to learn about and experience a new city. Here are some things I have learned:

1. Boston (Massachusetts?) drivers are generally awful. They will hit your with their car:
oops I got hit by a car

Then two weeks after you are out of your cast, you’ll be riding your bike with your partner and they’ll hit him, while you fly over your handlebars. You will hear about people being hit and killed and ride by ghost bikes. Every day you will feel scared for your life, until you realize you can spit into open windows, bang on closed ones, tell drivers you are going to kill them, and other colorful things that give you a little bit of power.

2. When fliers for house shows state the start time as 7PM, they actually mean 9PM. Maybe even 10PM.

3. Its hard to get comfortable taking photos at shows in Boston. I think I took, like, 4 photos at one show (Unrestrained) in this city in the last year, but many more than that in CT during various visits.

Gasoline Wind @ The FDZ, New Haven, CT 5/21/10
(Gasoline Wind @ The FDZ, 5/21/2010)

4. Starting a powerviolence band with some of your favorite friends will be fun while it lasts.

Unperson promo pic 2

5. Some of the coolest shit one can be involved in is happening in other states entirely.

zine fair

6. Living in Boston hasn’t necessarily afforded me the opportunity to see as many great bands as I had expected, but I have nonetheless had the pleasure of experiencing some really great shit. Noteworthy: Waste Management, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, New Creases, Big Eyes, Tenement, Disciples of Christ, Kicking Spit, Duress, and Coche Bomba, perhaps the most stand-out of this brief list. And while Boston isn’t exactly a mecca for music, it is a destination for most touring bands, so I’ve been able to see countless friends from all of the country in the last year.

7. Did you know you have to fucking pay goddamn money to fucking practice in a fucking tiny, stank room up here? Like, you can’t just practice at someone’s parents house? What the shit.

8. Homesickness is for suckers, so long as you can stay connected to the people who feel like home. That said, the Escalator tape should be out in the next few weeks:

Escalator @ The FDZ 10/18/09
(Escalator at The FDZ, 10/18/09)

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I don’t live in New Haven anymore, if you want to play the FDZ do some more fucking research because I cannot help you.


PS: real updates forthcoming.


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Shoutouts in MRR & Razorcake

The ever-esteemed Mr. John Fahy of Human Crush Recordings gave We Rise and the two releases thus far a little plug in his latest column in Maximum Rock n’ Roll (December 2009).

Also, back in October, the trecoolesque Dave Brainwreck included the Dylan Bredeau/Dead Uncles split tape on his top 5 in Razorcake Magazine (#53).

In internet news, I added some new links to the side bar over there, so go check out some great blogs and labels.


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Book Slave “All Bad Things” review

Elise, over at Inkwell Press, gave the Book Slave’s “All Bad Things” tape a great review in her Fall issue. Go check it out on page 37! This issue also features art by the always awesome Derrick of One Hundred Year Media. You can pick up your IRL copy at various shows in CT.

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Sort-of recent fliers and show photos

Here are some of the more “recent” fliers I’ve made. Here in Boston, I have no where to book shows and, thus, no fliers to make. Sigh.

Posi Noise / Crucial Cause / Dyl Bros / Dead Unx / Attentat @ The FDZ, 8/18/09

Panzram / Relics / Yak Snot / Afflictions @ Whitney, 7/26/09

Coke Bust / Sick Fix, July 4th @ Whitney House

Here are some photo sets of shows dating back to this summer. Recently, Nick Tape asked if Coke Bust could use one of these photos in their discography CD packaging, which is pretty sweet. Enjoy:

+ Negative Standards/Draize/Escalator @ The FDZ, 10/18/09

+ Marine Corpse/Birth of Flower/Dead Uncles @ The FDZ, 7/13/09

+ Coke Bust/Sick Fix/Clusterfuck/Foreign Objects/Atrilliongallonsofgas @ Whitney House, 7/4/09

+ Cult Ritual/The Diamond Sea/Open Star Clusters @ Whitney House, 7/2/09

+ Lemuria/Dead Uncles/The Book Slave @ The FDZ, 6/6/09

For all of you documentation geeks out there:

+ Punk/HC shirts as of September 2008 (I finally organized these photos)


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