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Dead Uncles/Dylan Bredeau Split

I know, I know, that is the single worst photograph in the history of photography. It really doesn’t do justice to how great the Dead Uncles/Dylan Bredeau split cover looks, which I guess is why you should buy a copy and hold it, ever-so-gently, in your actual goddamn grubby hands. If you want a postage-paid copy send $5 of well concealed cash to:

1 Fairland St #3
Boston, MA 02119

Paypal and distro trades to weriserex@gmail.com

In other news, mostly unrelated to this label bullshit but totally related to ME, my band Ripshit are playing our last show ever on April 1st, which is this coming Wednesday. Its at my house (The FDZ @ 6PM) with Auryn from Pittsburgh and Al fuckin’ Pist. There will be a vegan potluck and some amazing posters for sale:

Last show posters

those bad boys are 18×24 inches of glory, drawn up my Ryan Stanis and ordered from Staples by Ben. Ben also has decided to sell them for $5 as a benefit for the excellent Wrench in the Works Collective of Willimantic, CT. They are hand numbered and limited to 25.

I hope to see lots of folks at the aforementioned show, money for the touring band in hand and a dish for the potluck under your arm. I will probably cry into some mashed potatoes.


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