Shoutouts in MRR & Razorcake

The ever-esteemed Mr. John Fahy of Human Crush Recordings gave We Rise and the two releases thus far a little plug in his latest column in Maximum Rock n’ Roll (December 2009).

Also, back in October, the trecoolesque Dave Brainwreck included the Dylan Bredeau/Dead Uncles split tape on his top 5 in Razorcake Magazine (#53).

In internet news, I added some new links to the side bar over there, so go check out some great blogs and labels.



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Book Slave “All Bad Things” review

Elise, over at Inkwell Press, gave the Book Slave’s “All Bad Things” tape a great review in her Fall issue. Go check it out on page 37! This issue also features art by the always awesome Derrick of One Hundred Year Media. You can pick up your IRL copy at various shows in CT.

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Sort-of recent fliers and show photos

Here are some of the more “recent” fliers I’ve made. Here in Boston, I have no where to book shows and, thus, no fliers to make. Sigh.

Posi Noise / Crucial Cause / Dyl Bros / Dead Unx / Attentat @ The FDZ, 8/18/09

Panzram / Relics / Yak Snot / Afflictions @ Whitney, 7/26/09

Coke Bust / Sick Fix, July 4th @ Whitney House

Here are some photo sets of shows dating back to this summer. Recently, Nick Tape asked if Coke Bust could use one of these photos in their discography CD packaging, which is pretty sweet. Enjoy:

+ Negative Standards/Draize/Escalator @ The FDZ, 10/18/09

+ Marine Corpse/Birth of Flower/Dead Uncles @ The FDZ, 7/13/09

+ Coke Bust/Sick Fix/Clusterfuck/Foreign Objects/Atrilliongallonsofgas @ Whitney House, 7/4/09

+ Cult Ritual/The Diamond Sea/Open Star Clusters @ Whitney House, 7/2/09

+ Lemuria/Dead Uncles/The Book Slave @ The FDZ, 6/6/09

For all of you documentation geeks out there:

+ Punk/HC shirts as of September 2008 (I finally organized these photos)


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The Book Slave “All Bad Things” Tape EP

For a little bit I felt like the term “All Bad Things” referred to my goddamn miserable life. I moved to Boston and, while it is most often times excellent and interesting, it is not home. Turns out when one is living in “not home” there is homesickness. Sometimes just a little nagging feeling, sometimes a crippling sadness that happens when your partner plays that fucking Shorebirds 7″ that your old housemates love. Then you might get hit by some old lady driving her car into your bike, and when they load you into an ambulance you say “BUT I’VE ONLY BEEN HERE FOR 3 WEEKS!” Then your arm is busted up and people on the street stare because your sling doesn’t come in black (you asked) and you can’t get a job (not that anyone offered one) and you’re kind of bored. Then, you get all of the ingredients for this in the mail:

the book slave - all bad things

and you have this beautiful, sad, awesome, haunting link back to home and you think “Gee, ‘All Bad Things’, whatta misnomer.”

The Book Slave – “All Bad Things” EP on yellow C-21

$4 postage paid / paypal / $ to 1 Fairland St Unit 3, Boston, MA 02119
wholesale prices for distro

artwork by the stupid-talented Derrick of One Hundred Year Media.
many tape cases donated by the stupid-dreamy Dave of Bombs Away!

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Cult Ritual / Ampere @ Whitney House, July 1st.

Cult Ritual/Ampere @ Whitney House, July 1st

Pretty stoked with how this handmade flier turned out. I used a photo journalism book, scrap paper, a Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve typewriter, Sharpie fine tip oil paint market in white, a set of letter/number stencils from Hull’s and the photocopier at Staples.

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Upcoming shows @ The FDZ

So, we have shows at my house, known as The Fucking Discovery Zone, The F’n DiscoZone and T/FDZ. All of the shows are donation based and you won’t be turned away for a lack of funds, but if you give a reasonable amount of money you will feel really good about yourself and be able to brag to your friends about how much you’re doing for scene/upping the punx in general. We allow drinking but I’m pretty dead serious about folks not drinking outside and placing their bottles in the appropriate receptacles. Most shows are vegan potlucks, as well, and everyone is welcome to chow down and encouraged to bring a dish/drink/some bananas/a bag of chips and wash their own dishes.

We have some really great shows on the horizon, and I’m stoked that they are happening and even more stoked that I don’t have to leave my home to attend/help out! I hope to see you at one/all of these:

5/9 7PM Furnace, Finisher, Bombs Away
5/16 6PM I’d Rather Be Dead + TBA
6/6 7PM Lemuria, Dead Uncles, The Bookslave
6/16 6PM Ghost Mice, Heathers, Bombs Away
7/4 7PM Coke Bust, Sick Fix, Atrilliontonsofgas

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Tapes n’ Posters

Dead Uncles/Dylan Bredeau Split

I know, I know, that is the single worst photograph in the history of photography. It really doesn’t do justice to how great the Dead Uncles/Dylan Bredeau split cover looks, which I guess is why you should buy a copy and hold it, ever-so-gently, in your actual goddamn grubby hands. If you want a postage-paid copy send $5 of well concealed cash to:

1 Fairland St #3
Boston, MA 02119

Paypal and distro trades to

In other news, mostly unrelated to this label bullshit but totally related to ME, my band Ripshit are playing our last show ever on April 1st, which is this coming Wednesday. Its at my house (The FDZ @ 6PM) with Auryn from Pittsburgh and Al fuckin’ Pist. There will be a vegan potluck and some amazing posters for sale:

Last show posters

those bad boys are 18×24 inches of glory, drawn up my Ryan Stanis and ordered from Staples by Ben. Ben also has decided to sell them for $5 as a benefit for the excellent Wrench in the Works Collective of Willimantic, CT. They are hand numbered and limited to 25.

I hope to see lots of folks at the aforementioned show, money for the touring band in hand and a dish for the potluck under your arm. I will probably cry into some mashed potatoes.


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