A Year of Boston, a month late.

(I wrote this and forgot to publish it. ooops!)

Come next week, I’ll have lived in Boston for a year. I feel like a year is a fair amount of time to learn about and experience a new city. Here are some things I have learned:

1. Boston (Massachusetts?) drivers are generally awful. They will hit your with their car:
oops I got hit by a car

Then two weeks after you are out of your cast, you’ll be riding your bike with your partner and they’ll hit him, while you fly over your handlebars. You will hear about people being hit and killed and ride by ghost bikes. Every day you will feel scared for your life, until you realize you can spit into open windows, bang on closed ones, tell drivers you are going to kill them, and other colorful things that give you a little bit of power.

2. When fliers for house shows state the start time as 7PM, they actually mean 9PM. Maybe even 10PM.

3. Its hard to get comfortable taking photos at shows in Boston. I think I took, like, 4 photos at one show (Unrestrained) in this city in the last year, but many more than that in CT during various visits.

Gasoline Wind @ The FDZ, New Haven, CT 5/21/10
(Gasoline Wind @ The FDZ, 5/21/2010)

4. Starting a powerviolence band with some of your favorite friends will be fun while it lasts.

Unperson promo pic 2

5. Some of the coolest shit one can be involved in is happening in other states entirely.

zine fair

6. Living in Boston hasn’t necessarily afforded me the opportunity to see as many great bands as I had expected, but I have nonetheless had the pleasure of experiencing some really great shit. Noteworthy: Waste Management, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, New Creases, Big Eyes, Tenement, Disciples of Christ, Kicking Spit, Duress, and Coche Bomba, perhaps the most stand-out of this brief list. And while Boston isn’t exactly a mecca for music, it is a destination for most touring bands, so I’ve been able to see countless friends from all of the country in the last year.

7. Did you know you have to fucking pay goddamn money to fucking practice in a fucking tiny, stank room up here? Like, you can’t just practice at someone’s parents house? What the shit.

8. Homesickness is for suckers, so long as you can stay connected to the people who feel like home. That said, the Escalator tape should be out in the next few weeks:

Escalator @ The FDZ 10/18/09
(Escalator at The FDZ, 10/18/09)

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  1. kimberly

    -I would like to encourage you to take pictures at shows more because I would love to see more of yr stuff and also I want to see more photographers in general showing off their perspectives on shows here