Upcoming shows @ The FDZ

So, we have shows at my house, known as The Fucking Discovery Zone, The F’n DiscoZone and T/FDZ. All of the shows are donation based and you won’t be turned away for a lack of funds, but if you give a reasonable amount of money you will feel really good about yourself and be able to brag to your friends about how much you’re doing for scene/upping the punx in general. We allow drinking but I’m pretty dead serious about folks not drinking outside and placing their bottles in the appropriate receptacles. Most shows are vegan potlucks, as well, and everyone is welcome to chow down and encouraged to bring a dish/drink/some bananas/a bag of chips and wash their own dishes.

We have some really great shows on the horizon, and I’m stoked that they are happening and even more stoked that I don’t have to leave my home to attend/help out! I hope to see you at one/all of these:

5/9 7PM Furnace, Finisher, Bombs Away
5/16 6PM I’d Rather Be Dead + TBA
6/6 7PM Lemuria, Dead Uncles, The Bookslave
6/16 6PM Ghost Mice, Heathers, Bombs Away
7/4 7PM Coke Bust, Sick Fix, Atrilliontonsofgas


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  1. Zach

    Foreign Objects are on the Coke Butts show as well.